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Happy Mabon!

Hello and Happy Autumn/Mabon..........

2020; what do we say to this year?  There has been so much happening and our world has changed so much there are hardly words to describe all of this.  Our "normal" has pivoted beyond words, and let us not forget social distancing. 

My only take away to all of this has been something that I have held true in my heart this whole time; take one day at a time and do not let uncertainly control you.  I wake up each day only to deal with that day and do not panic much anymore.  Perhaps its a wisdom that has come with experience and age, im not sure.  Keep your chin up and just do what you have to.

September 22 begins Mabon or second harvest in the Northern Hemisphere.  I will be adding to the shoppe each month going forward and I'm also working on a few things for the following year. Dewberry's will be running a few specials coming up to celebrate the season so be sure to check back and see. We need some spiritual healing and I hope that my wares contribute to the goodness of your soul. 

Blessed Be!~


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