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Welcome to the world where “Reflecting Your Inner Possibilities” is Magickal!

© Dewberry's Herbal Apothecary, LLC™ ~ a Syncretism of Spiritual Earth & Natural Elements, merging together. Influenced by the fragrant 5 Petal White flower, resembling a PENTAGRAM, and Merging Natures Elements "Earth Air, Fire, Water, Spirit."; Dewberry’s imbues Olde Pagan Folk Lore, Traditional & Modern Witchcraeft, Wortcunning Knowledge & Greencraft Herbs, Splashed with New Age & Eastern Philosophies, Touches of Natural Magick and Olde Worlde Apothecary making.

Some of the methods used are in the Tradition of European "Olde Worlde Alquemie" and predate modern Chemistry and current Pharmacopeia.

 ~ Dewberry's primary focus is Greencraft herbs; Earth Element; offering a wide variety to suit all needs. Using herbs in daily life connects us to the primordial nature within all of us, many of which have all been forgotten. There are Wild-crafted, Wild-harvested, Fair Trade, Earth Kosher, Organic, Certified Organic, and herbs grown without pesticides in their natural environment. Please check each listing carefully and do not hesitate to ask.

 Every item is handcrafted and hand packaged by myself.

~ What is a Dewberry? ~

A Dewberry is a plant that has beautiful fragrant 5 Petal White flowers, resembling a PENTAGRAM. The flower itself has a berry-like-floral aromatic compound to it. The Dewberries themselves are a group closely related to the Blackberry family and produce Brambles and Berries reminiscent to the Raspberry. The fruit itself is purple to black rather than red. The fruit makes an excellent Jam and the leaves can be dried and used for Tea. A Unique and fragrant experience like the Shoppe.

Established in the Olde Colony of Massachusetts in 2009, Dewberry’s is a small home grown business.  Each item is Handmade, giving you a unique, personalized and pampered experience left behind by many large stores or high profiled companies.  NOTHING is done by machine, mass produced or premade.  The entire shoppe, its photography, writings, concept designs and curated items are ran solely by one "Witch" and that is me!!!

~~ I, Rachel have been a practitioner, believer and student of Magickal and Herbal Artes for longer than I can remember. I was born as Natural Intuitionist/Intuitive Chanelor with an affinity to Esoteric systems and non mainstream beliefs.  I am an Eclectic Witch, Self taught Aromatherapist and Herbalist, who is always evolving and learning, and whose Pagan Path includes but not limited to; Armenian Paganism, Nature-based Ritual practices, elements of Nordic/Celtic/Druid Craft, Divine Feminine and Power of “Women”, turn of the century Gypsy and Victorian Witchcraft, Green Arte Magical (Green Witchery), Hedge Witchery, mixed with a touch of New Age Spirituality, Eastern Influences including;  Egyptian Paganism, Buddhism, Occult Magical Systems, Christian & Persian Mysticism. My studies and practice focus on Herb Craft and Wortcunning, Crystal Meditation, the study and Implementation of Ancient Medieval texts and Manuscripts, Cultural and Foreign languages.  I believe whole heartedly in Holistic, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine around more than 4000+ years), Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy.  While Modern Medicine, aka. Science (Western Medicine) has a purpose and place in this Worlde; I feel it COMPLETELY lacks the empathy to the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  The destruction and mutilation of the Human Flesh and Person disturbs the natural healing process and is a complete defiance of Nature.  Good quality Health Care should consist of combining the 3 elements of life.  However, I am legally obligated to mention that the Wares, Potions, Elixirs and Herbs in my Shoppe cannot replace, cure or heal any affliction that you may have and does not replace Medical advice.   

My heritage is predominately Armenian with touches of Irish, Native American/Canadian Indian, Canadian French and some Portuguese in the mix. My Paternal Grandmother (a practicing Catholic), was a practitioner of the Divinatory Artes; Card Reading, Numerology, and she herself was an Intuitionist. My Maternal Great-Grandmother, who fled Armenia in the early 1900's due to the Genocide by Turkish Ottoman Empire, read Tea & Coffee leaves.

I am also a Sun ☼ Sign; Leo Ω; a Lioness; a natural leader, who brings a Regal warmth and light to the intention of my wares.  

By far, my ABSOLUTE favorite activity is to get in the Kitchen and “Craeft” a synergy of blended Earth conscious Magickal Goodes.  This type of “Olde World” Cookery and Wort-cunning is brought and perfected in the Apothecary.
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~~ Green Herbology ~~

When we take herbal medicine we are taking in part of the plant's environment. Everything it ate and drank and experienced has formed the medicine you're depending on, so you better make sure it gets all the best. When we are healed by plants, we owe it to them to look out for their kind and the places where they live. Traditional plant-gatherers often have a prayer they recite before they take anything from the wild. I usually say something along the lines of "OK, plant. You heal me and I'll look out for you. I got your back. No one's gonna build over you, or log you, or pick too much while I'm around." So this true herbal healing system has at its heart a deep environmentalism and a commitment to the Earth.

The bio-regional concept is important to this model of healing. Plants' actions in our bodies are really quite limited by the chemicals they can produce from sunlight and soil. For every big-name herb on the market cut from the rain-forest or dug from the mountains, there is most likely a plant with a similar action growing in your watershed. Some of the best medicines to maintain good health grow in vacant lots and neglected gardens around the world.

© Dewberry's Herbal Apothecary LLC™ ~ "Reflecting Your Inner Possibilities" ~
Blessed Be ~~  օրհնված է
Rachel ~ Armenian Witch

★ Dewberry's cannot be responsible for MISUSE or guarantee any outcome of its product(s) or any Ritual(s). It is strictly for Entertainment purposes. Some items contain flammable, poisonous, or toxic ingredients. If you choose to buy these items, Dewberry's cannot take any responsibility, or shall not be held responsible for any injuries, misuse, damages, or losses resulting from the use of products. Items within are created to aid YOU in your Spiritual Path and are sold “AS IS” or “AS AVAILABLE”. Dewberry’s Herbal Apothecary, LLC WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND ARISING FROM THE USE OF ANY Product(s) or Service(s) made available to YOU the consumer. Your purchase(s) from this shoppe signifies and is the acceptance of these terms; is at YOUR sole risk and all Liability is released here within. ★
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