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Ancient Aromatics, Handcraefted Incense, Resins, Brews, Salts, Smude & Witch-Mixes

Aromatic Incense, comprised of resins, barks, herbs & oils, and other natural compounds, represent the "Air" Element in Spiritual Practice.  Incense has two major functions: First, it is believed to create a magical atmosphere that is appropriate for the invocation (or inviting) of Deities and Spirits often present around the Pagan/Occult altar. Second, burning the incense is believed to release the large amount of energy stored within natural incense so that it can be used for magical purposes. Smoke is used as an offering to the Spirits by carrying our prayers, energy and petitions to the "Powers That Be".

Incense is used as a meditation conduit, insect repellant, air purifier, to cleanse an area of negative energy, or relieve odors from human habitation, and especially in Spiritual practice.  Whatever your taste, there are numerous amounts to choose from.