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Herbs, Flowers, Botanica, Spices, Culinary Seasonings, Teas & Coffee

Whether your looking for Natural Remedies, designing the perfect Spa gift for a special someone, selecting the perfect ingredients for sipping a delightful Cuppa, or creating a flare in the kitchen with the perfect "Recipe", Dewberry's has everything you need!

From Tincturing, to Teas, making a special offering for your Sacred Space, or concocting the perfect blend for a potpourri, there something special here waiting for you!

Dewberry's primary focus is Greencraft herbs; Earth Element; offering a wide variety to suit all needs. There are Wild-crafted, Wild-harvested, Fair Trade, Earth Kosher, Organic, Certified Organic, and herbs grown without pesticides in their natural environment.  Please check each listing carefully and do not hesitate to inquire within if you have any questions.

With an inventory over 250+herbs, botanica, flowers, teas & spices and soon gourmet coffee, listed in various sizes and purchased in small quantities, the Apothecary has a diverse range for all your needs.  Dewberry's lists volume & weight on each item so you know exactly what you are getting. 

If you are a business or simply making a larger batch of goodness for a wedding or party, Dewberry's can accommodate!  Simply inquire within regarding bulk pounds (lbs) of herbs that is needed.  Special requests are in American weights (imperial), can take 14 business days for delivery.    

© Dewberry's Herbal Apothecary LLC™ ~ a Syncretism of Spiritual Earth & Natural Elements, merging together.  Influenced by the fragrant 5 Petal White flower, resembling a PENTAGRAM, and Merging Natures Elements "Earth Air, Fire, Water, Spirit.";  Dewberry’s imbues Olde Pagan Folk Lore, Traditional & Modern Witchcraeft, Wortcunning Knowledge & Greencraft Herbs, Splashed with New Age & Eastern Philosophies, Touches of Natural Magick and Olde Worlde Apothecary making.