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Occult & Witches Veneficus

Make a special potion, incense or magickal offering following the Witches Way of Herbcraefting.  Magickal Herbalism is a deep Spiritual endeavor, not to be taken lightly, that can illuminate a deep understanding within and guide you on a continuous journey..

This is Serious Magick....

Occult items from the "Green Arcanum/ Occult Veneficus" line are designed for the Practioner to harness the "Balance of Opposites". Dark & Light cannot survive without each other and therefore are 2 sides of the same energy. These wares have a more Left-Handed approach to aid in Rituals of LHP.  Law of Karma still applies; "what one puts out, comes back times three" Do NOT call forth what you cannot banish.  Please take heed when practicing any magick.. ♦
ᴥ  Indubitably, magic is one of the subtlest and most difficult of the sciences and arts. There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgment and practice than in any other branch of physics. ~ Aleister Crowley

~ Traditional/Magickal Herbecraeft: The study and practice of herbal magick be it Orthodox or Ominous, is for the practioner to learn SELF CONTROL; focus with consciousness and the wielding force of the mind, and its subsequent action taken there within. To the Magickal Herbalist, it is not to study and practice its Magick, or to wield its power, but to better understand the flow of the Universe, its nature and more importantly YOURSELF in her place. One must grow an ability to recognize the results of resisting and counteracting the wayz of her Nature, and develop, with time, channeled forms of MINDFUL, SELF discipline. Here lies the mystery of Herbalist's Art. ~