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Ritual, Potion, Magick Spirit Oils

Dewberry’s offers an array of oils for Spiritual Needs.  In particular, Magickal oils are constructed in a very authentic way using Herb-Craft techniques, Natural Ingredients, High Grade Resins, and Premium Essential Oils.  Dewberry’s authentic made natural oils are HIGH QUALITY stock oils from very small batches – just a few ounces.  This is to insure the quality and integrity of the Ritual oil.  Herbs, Resins, Botanicals and other natural Curios are used with each recipe, within a Spiritual and Ritual setting.  Each is naturally preserved with Rosemary extract; #1 choice for Traditional Herbalism.  This is advantageous for the stability and shelf life of the product without changing or compromising the Aromatics of the item.

Each Oil is craefted with specific intention and focus and can be used to anoint tools for magickal workings or ritual--for instance, candles, amulets, crystals and gemstones, picture of a loved one or statue.  My particular anointing favorite is my own Hands. 

“Magick” Oils make a great “Stand In or Substitution” for incense especially for those who are allergy sensitive to smoke, in a time crunch or who simply prefer not to use incense.  Consider them to be as offertory as an incense – the Aromatics will Imbue yourself and your working energy like a prayer, wish or blessing, to the Divinity, Ancestor or Spirit in which you are trying to connect to.

They also make good aids in focusing your energy, will or intention on a deep Spiritual or Soulful level.  Each scent is a conduit tapping into your energy and can be more potent than words from a Spell or Ritual Invocation.  These scents can be worn at any time with the same intention and focus as your Spiritual practices.  Dewberry’s scents are made from natural Earth ingredients and it is only fitting that when worn on your person you WILL feel the connection!

All oils contained within the Shoppe are from a natural extraction process, unless otherwise noted.  Dewberry’s has made great strides in Europe, United Arab Emirates & Middle East to acquire some traditional scents; where there are some of the Oldest Apothecaries in the Worlde and the quality is undeniable.  Purchases have also be made from Turkey, Israel, and Olde Persia; my reach for high quality oils is ever growing.