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SPRING'S EQUINOX Luxurious Premium Parfum Oil. Capturing The Essence Of Spring


★★ Dewberry's Herbal Apothecary, LLC™ ~ "Reflecting Your Inner Possibilities"™ With A Syncretism Of Pagan Herbcraefting ★★ 

~ Refreshing Florals & Warm Sunshine!

This exclusive "Original Propriety" Blended Perfume is so incredible you wont be able to control yourself! More concentrated than a "perfume", this beautiful warm Parfum Potion is carefully fermented and handcraefted using the finest organic ingredients.

Spring Equinox embellishes one the most sacred times of the year and celebrates the beginning of life's renewal.  Being "Equal day, Equal night", this Rustic Green-Brown elixir will surely cast a lasting impression.!  

Spring Equinox is Handcraefted with a special created "Fermentation" process (that has taken over a year) by Dewberry's Herbal Apothecary, LLC™, to allow the maximum amount of concentrated oil to penetrate and last all day as the scent carefully morphs from one aspect to another.  Each organic Essential/Essence oil lends a special Elemental & Planetary pairing with Springs First Blossoms!  Woods & Moss; Oakmoss Absolute & Egyptian Sandalwood, Beautiful Flora & Botanicals; Crushed Red Roses & Magnolia Blossoms, Fresh Garden Herbs; Bulgarian Lavender & Wild Greens, Sun-Ripened Fruits; Pomegranate & Grapefruit, Animalistic Deer Musk and finally Earthbound Patchouly.   All carefully balanced and fermented to become Spring Equinox.

10ml, 1/3oz of concentrated Parfum oil in a crystal glass cruet bottle, tight fitting cap, Faery shimmer in Sunshine gold, adorned with silk sari ribbon of Light Meadow green & Pale yellow Silk Sari Ribbons & Silver Leaf Charm.  See also Autumn Equinox, its sister scent.

~ Comes Beautifully Packaged w/ description card of Elemental & Planetary Pairings ~

~ Keep out of direct sunlight, high Temperatures and store in a cool, dry place. Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free.

★May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes and mucous membranes should be avoided. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. ★

Pure Natural Fragrance:

These essences allow the fusion of fruits, flora, and real plants materials to morph with your chemistry, naturally. Unlike synthetic fragrance oils; which have no depth or substance and are all chemical, natural oils give a more robust and profound scent; they are not headache inducing, and each have an immeasurable quality to them. There are no carriers to prolong the scent such as alcohol, and they nourish and moisturize the skin. Pure and Natural creations ARE the true evolution in Perfumery.

★ At Dewberry's, Premium Natural Perfume/Cologne Oils have gone through a rigorous "Testing" process sometimes taking a metamorphosis of 15 or more times BEFORE settling on the final product. All natural creations have been tested and worn by myself (and testers) to ensure the finest quality both in formation and Alquemie. Created with natural botanical distillations, Aromatherapy and a passion of scent; the wearer can have a more in depth, healing and individualist sensory experience. Each person can tune into natures true bounty and cycles and thus experience a maturation of aroma. ★

★Exceptional quality, Unsurpassable Fragrance, Principled Knowledge, Dewberry's. ★

Natural Scent is alcohol, phthalate, paraben, mineral oil, synthetic, cruelty free, is preserved with Rosemary Extract; #1 choice for Herbalists, and has 25-30% concentration of Aromatique Essential/Essences Oils & Extracts in a skin nourishing base.

★ Dewberry's cannot be responsible for MISUSE or guarantee any outcome of its product(s) or any Ritual(s). It is strictly for Home/Ritual/Curio/Entertainment purposes ONLY. Some items contain flammable, poisonous, or toxic ingredients; made in the “Olde Ways Tradition” of Witchcraft itself. If you choose to buy these items, Dewberry's cannot take any responsibility, nor shall not be held responsible for any injuries, misuse, damages, or losses resulting from the use of products. Items within are created to aid YOU in your Personal/Spiritual Path and are sold “AS IS” or “AS AVAILABLE”. Dewberry’s Herbal Apothecary, LLC WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND ARISING FROM THE USE OF ANY Product(s) or Service(s), made available to YOU the consumer. Your purchase(s) from this shoppe signifies and is the acceptance of these terms; is at YOUR sole risk and all Liability is released here within. ★
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